Buh bye to the 9-5 Grind

And the sabbatical journey begins…soon…well, this upcoming Monday! Both my wife and I will be submitting our long, overdue resignations in favor of finally exploring and traveling the world.


This has been something we’ve been dreaming about for years, but like so many others, we’ve been manipulated and shaped into thinking we ‘need’ our jobs, that we need to ‘build’ our careers. For so many years, we’ve convinced ourselves that our jobs are who we are. I mean, without it, what are we then? Right? …right?

No one likes to hear the ‘news’, especially if one’s a manager. But my wife and I have finally committed to this plan on taking a year-long sabbatical, to travel the world, explore new cultures and foods, learn new languages and develop existing, learn new skills and, most importantly, think about what makes us happy. Because it sure isn’t sitting behind a computer screen 40-70 hours a week! How unfulfilling….

Being a finance guy myself, we’ve put together a very tight budget that allows us to travel upwards of 6 months and ensure all of our existing expenses are covered. Barring any extraordinary circumstances, we’ll be fine with our budgets. And if not….hello Starbucks and iced coffee! ‘ahem’ I’ll be making coffee that is 🙂

So follow along and share this journey with us as we travel the world and explore the unknown. I don’t know what we will expect or what may come at us. But I know one thing – we won’t allow our dreams and passions pass us by.

To that end, stay tuned! And get ready for some fun pictures and stories!



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