6 more days till…no job!

Today is July 15th, 2017. And in 6 days, we will no longer have a job.

Yes, you heard that right. No more job!

I quit

If you had told us 10 years ago this would have been our situation, I would have thought you were nuts! Crazy! Unimaginable! Unfathomable!

But like everything in life, change is the only constant. Life happens, circumstances change. And with that, you move adjust and pivot.

Coming out of college, we thought, like so many others, that the path in life was to study in college, do well in school, obtain our degrees, get a job, earn promotions, buy a house, build a family, and so on and so forth. But after working for nearly 8 years, and knowing perhaps this just isn’t the career path we imagined, we decided to take a leap of faith.

That is, to finally quit our jobs and to travel the world. To take that long-desired sabbatical to explore the world, taste new cultures and see what the world provides. That there’s more to life than sitting behind a cubicle typing away at spreadsheets and shooting off 100’s of emails via Outlook.

So in 6 days, we will finally leave our jobs. We will say goodbye to standard employment. We will say goodbye to a career that, well, frankly didn’t make us happy. And in 6 days, we will begin a new journey and open new doors, one that comes with both fear and the unknown but also with excitement and unlimited potentials.


In 6 days, we will begin the start of a new journey. And we hope you join us for the journey!




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